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How to keep your aging assets in good working order and your operations up and running 24/7?

Modern maintenance management

When an ERP system travels with a mechanic and reporting is handled location-independently in real-time, companies can save significantly on maintenance and repair costs. The 5G network and IoT bring new possibilities for maintenance management.

Mobile technology brings new efficiencies to maintenance management

The 5G network enables the transmission of large files up to ten times the speed compared to the 4G network. Fast and reliable data transfer will soon be commonplace in both households and businesses. It brings us more diverse and efficient cloud services.

IoT, or the Internet of Things, enables the transfer of information between buildings, machines, and devices online.

These two megatrends in digital technology are now changing the way companies operate. Together, they provide significant opportunities to control, monitor, and predict the performance of production infrastructure.

Aneo is developing next-generation maintenance control

Aneo is a Finnish-owned software company that develops cloud-based maintenance control systems. Their products are in use in many industrial companies. For example, ANEO Zero CMMS, which fully adapts to the 5G world, is the choice of energy company Vattenfall for maintenance management. The ANEO Zero CMMS cloud service enables the use of smartphones and other mobile devices in maintenance, remote control, and monitoring.